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Hey I liked this one, was able to stay calm the entire way through.

So: personally, I would not hesitate to write a check each year for $2000 to know that everyone in this country has access to a minimum acceptable level of healthcare. And I feel quite confident that I can find a dozen other people who feel this way without trying very hard. And without looking at the calculations, I'm thinking that this number probably doesn't take into account any of the many benefits we could brainstorm from all Americans having coverage.

As a contrast, my kneejerk is no on the electric grants, not freaking out on the cash for clunkers, but not that into it either, and just don't know what that stimulus number means. I wouldn't bail out GM and Chrysler if it was $1000 sunk, but would consider it as an investment if I had more info.

But I'm down with the 50MM rule.

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